Bunny Mini Autonomy

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DATE : Released July 31, 2012
COUNTRY : USA, 2011, 76 min.
FORMAT : Bluray/DVD Combo, DVD

Rodleen Getsic...Bunny
Jeff F. Renfro...Hog
Drettie Page...Martyr
Gregg Gilmore...Jonas

Director: Adam Rehmeier
Story: Adam Rehmeier &
Rodleen Getsic
Producers: Adam Rehmeier &
Rodleen Getsic
Associate Producer: Sarah Jamie
Original Music: Adam Rehmeier
Cinematography: Adam Rehmeier
Editing: Adam Rehmeier

Banned in the UK and partially inspired by a real-life experience of star Rodleen Getsic, THE BUNNY GAME is an unflinching descent into torment and madness. Junkie hooker Sylvia Grey (Getsic in a brave, award-winning performance) turns the wrong trick in demented trucker JR (Jeff Renfro). After knocking her out cold and taking her to a desolate place where no one can hear her cries, JR subjects Sylvia to a series of increasingly twisted, sadistic “games”. But will she survive the ultimate test when she wakes up with her head sealed in a white leather bunny mask?

Adam Rehmeier directs with a fearless eye, pushing the boundaries of on-screen mayhem to the extreme. Controversy has surrounded THE BUNNY GAME since it premiered to festival audiences around the world by delivering a terrifying experience that once seen is impossible to forget…


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Blu-ray/DVD Combo (2-Disc) and DVD Only (1-Disc)
Extras include:

• Audio commentary by Adam Rehmeier and Rodleen Getsic
• “Caretaking the Monster” making-of featurette
• Trailer and alternate trailer